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100 Seconds To Midnight Cap Adjustable

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100 Seconds To Midnight Cap Adjustable
100 Seconds To Midnight Cap Adjustable

100 Seconds To Midnight Cap Adjustable

The bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved the doomsday clock to 100 seconds to midnight, the closest prediction of human extinction in history.

Several factors including the withdrawal by the U.S. from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia in August, Iran stepping up it's nuclear activity since the U.S. withdrew from the nuclear control agreement with Iran. North Korea has also promised to move ahead with it's nuclear program even without sanctions relief. 

These new threats along with the climate crisis we are now facing has pushed the clock the closest to midnight (the metaphorical extinction of the Human species)

We have commemorated this moment with the hopes of a brighter future where we can look back to this time with pride that we have found a way out of these dark times. 

One day we hope your grandchildren will find your old hat in a box and hear the story of living in a time where we teetered on the edge of life.

Here's hoping!

We hope you wear your 100 seconds to midnight hat with pride that you are aware, and to spread awareness to others of our very real threat to humanity.

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