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Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Jersey Numbering Pro Stitched 2 Layer Perforated

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Philadelphia Flyers Jersey Numbering Pro Stitched 2 Layer Perforated


STEP 1 - Select "I'll send it myself" OR "Email me a pre-paid shipping label"

STEP 1b - If you selected the pre paid shipping label, check your email and print the pdf we have sent you

STEP 2 - Pack your jersey in a shipping envelope (available at post office)

STEP 3 - Attach the shipping label and drop it off at any canada post outlet.

If you choose to ship yourself please send to:

More Than Just Caps Clubhouse

896 Greenbank Road Ottawa, ON K2J 1S8

Pro stitched jersey numbering for Adidas Authentic Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys. Fully spec'd perforated jersey numbers are cut out and then hand stitched onto the jersey with the care and professionalism that comes with 30+ years experience doing pro stitched jersey numbering for various NHL teams. We get lots of calls for jersey numbering and customization and when customers get a jersey done with The Clubhouse they keep coming back because our quality and attention to detail on pro stitching is second to none. Pro stitching includes customized namebar as well which is also stitched on matching jersey material. See above for detailed pics of what pro stitching truly means.  Allow 2 weeks for completion of the process - it's well worth it! Rush options are available for jersey numbering contact us for details

Learn more about our pro stitching here

Whether it's a Bobby Clarke you want pro stitched onto a throwback vintage jersey or you just want the latest Adidas Authentic jersey numbering for a Nolan Patrick jersey, The Clubhouse is your pro stitched jersey numbering destination for any Philadelphia Flyers jerseys!

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